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ZCXG50 Linear Location Capping Machine
Kurze Einfuehrung:
This linear location capping machine with cap punch type is consisted of multifunction of cap sorting, cap placing, and cap tightening into one unit machine. The machine is adopted with PLC controller and super-large-scale integration and is realized Human-Machine-Interface with microcomputer. After the machine system starts, the working status will be monitored and displayed automatically. This machine structure is compact and reasonable, and is easy to operate. Different containers can be used into one unit capping machine by changing certain size parts. This machine is widely used in industries, such as pharmaceutical, food, chemical, cosmetic or light industry.

Machine Model ZCXG50
Voltage AC220V
Frequency 50Hz
General Power 1.5KW
Compressed Air Source 0.6~0.8MPa
Maximum Capping Speed* 50Bottles Per Minute
Dimension 1800mm×1100mm×1670mm
Weight 400KG

Note: The above item with * mark, it is invariably different according to different container type and different operation method.