TY-380M Bench Batch Coder
TY-380 Automatic Batch-Coding Machine use a solid ink wheel the source ink. The structure is new, and has an ability to quantify output. The printout is clear, precise, quick drying, difficult to rub and there is the convenience of text editing. It is equipped with R-type and T-type printout wheels. The machine is widely used in medical, food and beverage, cosmetics and other industries mainly for labels, paper bags, plastic bags, cards, bills, thin paper boxes, aluminum foil and other such flat media. It automatically separates individual products and prints upon them the production date, expiry date, batch number and color codes etc.


Type TY-380S TY-380M TY-380L
Voltage (V) / Frequency  (Hz) 220/50 220/50 220/50
Power (W) 200 200 200
Lead Ring Size φ36×32 φ36×32 φ36×32
Coding Speed (Entries/min) 300 300 300
Coding Lines Lines;(Litters/Line) 1-11Line: 1-12Litters/Line 1-11Line: 1-12Litters/Line 1-11Line: 1-12Litters/Line
Object Size (mm) Min 50×20-60 Min 50×60-180 Min 50×100-330
Coding Position Free to Adjust Free to Adjust Free to Adjust
Type Size (mm) 1.5;2.0;2.5;3.0 1.5;2.0;2.5;3.0 1.5;2.0;2.5;3.0
Dimension (mm) 440×345×300 440×345×300 440×345×300
* Actual Speed May Vary Depending On The Size Of The Coding Objects.