Electromagnetic Sealing Machine
KF3000 Series - Electromagnetic Sealing Machine
1. It adopts advanced large power transistor MOS-FET module with metal oxide field effect, PWM- Buck large power feedback stable power supply technology with large closed loop, integrated PLL closed loop soft switch technology as well as digital display technology, realizing high frequency electromagnetic induction and high quality sealing. 2. It is equipped with water circulating cooling system and achieves advantages of high efficiency, high stability, small scale, reducing running costs and so on. 3. Elegant appearance and easy and convenient operation.


Dimension(mm) 1800×1000×1220
Voltage(V) Frequency(Hz) 220 / 50
Power(w) 3000
Output Frequency(KHz) 80-90
Speed (b/min) 0-150
Cap Diameter Range (mm) A:φ15-φ30 B:φ30-φ55 C:φ55-φ75
Conveyor Belt Width (mm) 100
Conveying Direction L→R / R→L