Cap Screwing Machine/Capping Machine
XXG60 Series - Planetary Cap Screwing Machine
1. The bottle is positioned accurately through upper planetary upper cap and the cap screwing torque can be adjustable. 2. Replace with some specifications and it can achieve multi-use, namely being suitable for cap screwing and capping. 3. Easy and convenient operation; reliable performance This machine is applicable to: bottle cap screwing and capping of aluminum caps or plastic aluminum caps of penicillin bottles, infusion bottles and so on.


Dimension(mm) 1600×1200×1800
Voltage(V)Frequency(Hz) 220 / 50
Power(w) 1000
Speed (b/min) 0-60
Cap Diameter Range (mm) A:φ10-φ30 B:φ30-φ50 C:φ50-φ70
Bottle Diameter (width) Adjustment Range (mm) φ30-φ150
Height of Bottle (with cap) Adjustment Range (mm) A:10-100 B:100-200 C:200-315
Conveyor Belt Width (standard type) (mm) 100
Conveying Direction L→R / R→L