Bottle Rinsing Machine
TXP Series - Universal Bottle Rinsing Machine
It is the special cleaning equipment for flasks or bi-drum glass bottles, for which rolling drum rinsing machine cannot be fitted. It adopts new technologies of parallel bottle clamping, turning and conveying for bottle supply with adjustable interval of bottle clamping chain belt. Therefore, this machine has good adaptability and reliability; each bottle undergoes multiple internal and external high pressure rinsing processes with reuse water and purified water. At last, excessive drops of water are blown out with purified and compressed air so as to achieve ideal rinsing effect. The machine is of stable running, easy maintenance, good cleaning effect and other advantages and is also equipped with vapor treatment system.


Throughput  60-120 b/min
Suitable Bottle 50ml-750ml Round or Irregular Glass Bottles
Reuse Water Flow 0.5m³/h 0.2~0.3MPa
Pure Water Consumption 0.5m³/h 0.2~0.3MPa
Purified Compressed Air Consumption 0.6m³/h 0.3~0.4MPa
Power 2kw
Power Supply 380V 50Hz Three phase four wire system
Dimension 3000×1500×1500 mm