Bottle Rinsing Machine
CZX Series - Rolling Drum Ultrasonic Bottle Rinsing Machine
This machine is suitable for rinsing all kinds of glass bottles. It adopts rolling drum structure. The bottles enter into the bottle shifting wheel when such bottles are arranged into columns at the bottle feeder turntable and shifted into the rolling drum when a pair of bottle shifting wheels rotates in opposite directions; bottles entering the rolling drum will undergo multiple internal and external rinsing processes with ultrasonic cleaning water, reuse water and purified water; then, excessive drops of water on the bottles will be blown out with purified and compressed air to complete cleaning. At last, the bottles will be put in the collection table or conveyed to the next process through the conveyor belt.


Throughput 40-120 b/min
Suitable Bottle 2ml-250ml Glass Bottles
Reuse Water Flow 0.5m³/h 0.2~0.3MPa
Pure Water Consumption 0.5m³/h 0.2~0.3MPa
Purified Compressed Air Consumption 36m³/h 0.3~0.4MPa
Ultrasonic Power 1.5kw
Power 4kw
Power Supply 80V 50Hz Three phase four wire system
Dimension 2000×1250×1200 mm